telling the truth makes me a bitch?

Teen Wolf AU: In which Stiles tells the pack about his relationship with Derek.


a game of where the fuck did you get that character interpretation

Anonymous asked: Do you know if there's a tag like askanautistic but for ADHD?

I follow actuallyadhd and they answer asks about ADHD and associated symptoms/problems, but I’m not aware of a tag for it. 

If you have questions, you can feel free to ask me, but I’m not a medical professional and, for me at least, it can be difficult to differentiate between ADHD and ASD issues. 

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Anonymous asked: I feel like you should consider going to the meet because you never know what it is like until you go. Do you know of any other good autism organizations?

I’m definitely considering it, but it’s also a bit of an expense to get there (~$25? + coffee or whatever—I’m super poor right now after the move) and I don’t generally like people or social situations ><

I am considering because I would like to get to know other autistics and attempt to meet people in the area. I just completely suck at making friends and I never know what to do/say when I first meet people whom I haven’t had a chance to get to know in some other way. I’ll probably go. *anxious fidgeting*

I’m not really aware of other good autism organizations, though. Perhaps someone could chime in?

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Anonymous asked: Do you struggle with executive functioning? If so, do you have any advice?

I rambled a bit about my person executive functioning issues a couple of weeks ago

Advice? Hmm…set reminders, make a schedule, stick to a routine, don’t drain your spoons too early in the day, and don’t beat yourself up too hard when you fuck up (you will fuck up; everyone fucks up).

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Anonymous asked: Who do you wish you knew more about?

This is too vague to possibly answer. Like, lots of people? Lots of things even. Knowing more stuff is always good.

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Anonymous asked: Do you encourage people to make a special interest a major?

I think people should do what makes them happy? Like, even if it’s not a special interest, but you want to work in computer programming or translation, or accounting, go for it. 

If you want to formally study a special interest of yours, that will definitely make studying/researching/etc. much more fun and interesting. 

Basically, I encourage people to pursue education in a way that works for them.

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Anonymous asked: I saw a T4rd1s license plate and.

There may have been a second part to this? But yay Doctor Who!

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Anonymous asked: How do you make friends in college with autism?

I don’t know; I never really did, or at least not knowingly. 

I would suggest joining/starting a neurodiversity group or a college chapter of the ASAN or similar. 

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Debating going to the local ASAN chapter meeting on Sunday. 

Nervous. Worried. Anxious. The chapter leader was not overly helpful via email.

What should I expect?

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Public Shaming

I will be a functional person today.

  • Meds
  • Shower
  • Dressed
  • Email
  • Apply for jobs
  • Project for C
  • Grocery shopping
  • Recycling
  • Organize closet, if possible 
  • Have at least two meals: one & two
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guardianoftime asked: Please forgive me if this is rude (I know it's stereotypical), but since you're British and you most likely drink tea a lot, do you happen to know of or have a handy list of teas that are good for common ailments/purposes? Herbal teas or any kind of tea that serves a healing purpose of some sort.




So, I’m english, and basically all I drink is english breakfast and earl grey. Because that’s what most english people drink, plain boring, black tea with milk. An only that. I do drink a lot of tea, but only that and some occasional jasmine because I’m a bit odd.

Herbal teas are kind of an odd thing to drink, as an english person I mean, not like weird, but it’s not a thing most people in the country would have. I mean, it’s would be pretty common among hippie/student types, but it’s not a usual thing. And everyone has a kettle and at least some kind of black tea in their cupboard. Pretty much everyone drinks tea. Not being a tea drinker is odd as an adult. Most people pick it up in university, if not earlier. Pretty much everyone also has milk. But yeah, drinking weird teas as a cure for a specific thing is either a weird hippie thing or an american thing.

I mean you clearly get that british people drink tea, but you’ve missed most of the bits of it that are actually important. You think we drink tea like americans, but just more of it? Nope. We drink tea in very specific and arbitrary ways. 

There are social class lines about what type of tea you drink and how you take it. Having sugar in your tea is working class (acceptable among other classes if clearly marked as an eccentricity and other class markers are clear, I get away with it because I’m clearly middle class and also female perceived, and make “I know, sweet tooth” comments about it). Whether you put milk in first or not is a class indicator.

What type and brand of tea you drink is also pretty solidly defined by class. Bog standard tea like pg tips is I think an assam blend and is more working class than drinking twinnings english breakfast or earl grey. Basically the higher class status you go the weaker the tea gets. It’s all stronger than your american tea.  This isn’t a judgement on any of this being good or bad,it’s just a random thing that tends to be a pretty good class indicator.

And if you want to know more about this read Watching the english ( by Kate fox. It’s got a really interesting bit on tea drinking customs and class divisions.

Making tea for yourself and not other people is pretty universally rude though. As is offering tea in literally any situation. 

Tea (meaning a bog standard blend of black tea) is a remedy for everything. Bad day? Tea. Cold? Tea. Headache? Tea. Flu? Tea. Cramps? Tea. Broken bone? Tea. Divorce? Tea. Cancer? So sorry to hear that, would you like a cup of tea? Dead family member? I’m so sorry…Tea? Car crash? Tea, and have some sugar in it for the shock. 

This is now my fave post of all time.

Though I must add, as a weird hybrid of American and Brit (and also coming from a family of eccentric weirdos) I do know that valerian is good for relaxation, as is chamomile. Mint is refreshing so good on a hot day if you still want/need tea. Ginger and/or lemon is for colds/flu (add honey for antiseptic qualities and added sweetness), you can get bags of this but I usually make it myself by chopping up ginger, adding a spoonful (or 3) of honey and squeezing a lemon into boiling water.
Hot chocolate is not a tea but should be and is good for EVERYTHING. And I think this is as far as my knowledge of herbal teas go.

(There’s also a thing called rooibois but no-one actually know what that is and you only own it because your mother bought it on a whim to try something new but never got round to it, because why try something new and scary when you have good old PG?)

Hello, I have been summoned by your tags. And I have written a super huge essay under the cut.

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